2005 NAS Nationals: Huge, Huge, Huge

Jon Andersen, Corey St. Clair, Travis Ortmayer - just three of the guys who have come out of NAS and gone on to make a splash in professional strongman.

And with the ever-increasing popularity of strongman, is it any surprise that NAS president Dione Wessels said there will 105 competitors at the upcoming NAS Nationals? The contest is set for November 5 in Louisville, Kentucky and Wessels said, "It will be held in conjunction with the Kentucky Muscle Fitness Festival." By winning this contest, you get a pro card, and last year's winner, Travis Ortmayer, has shown that he more than deserved the chance to go head to head with the world's top strongmen.

"We're hoping to have another Travis for the 2006 season," Wessels said.

For complete details on this and other NAS contests, please check the official NAS website.




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