2005 IFSA World Championships: Full Event Information

Earlier today, IFSA rocked the strongman world by confirming a $250,000 cash prize list for its upcoming World Championships in Quebec, and IronMind® has been given the official event list now, as well.

IFSA CEO Jussi Laurimaa said that the events were selected with the goal of establishing, "a level playing field," balancing "static strength, overall athleticism, and power–endurance," using "all major muscle groups," while also keeping on eye on "historic relevance, and being spectacular for both the live audience and TV viewers."

Day One Events:

1. Yoke Race, 410 kg, 30 meters
2. Log Lift for maximum weight
3. Conan's Wheel, 280 kg
4. Louis Cyr Giant Dumbbell Memorial Deadlift, 320 kg for reps

Day Two Events:

1. Farmer's Walk 160 kg, 50 meters
2. Apollon's Wheels Overhead, for reps, 155kg with a 90-second time limit
3. Shield Walk for Distance
4. MHP Stones of Strength, 140-, 150,- 160-, 170-, 180-kg (Heavy Championship Set)

All "time limits are 75 seconds, unless stated otherwise," Laurmiaa added.

IFSA Strongman will have full tour packages for anyone interested, and tickets can be purchased here.


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