2005 IFSA World Championships

IFSA Strongman Managing Director Christian Fennell has announced details for the IFSA World Championships in Quebec City on September 24 - 25, and tickets go on sale tomorrow.

As previously reported here, Raimonds Bergmanis, Zydrunas Savickas, Tomi Lotta and Andrus Murumets have already qualified, and the remaining athletes will be selected at the IFSA Strongman World Open Championship on August 19, and at the IFSA Strongman Pan American Championships on August 20 - 21.

Although more events will be announced, so far, four have been named:

Farmer's walk: 160 kg per hand for the fastest time over 50 meters
Deadlift: 320 kg for maximum reps within 75 seconds
Apollon's Wheels: 155 kg for maximum repetitions within 75 seconds
Yoke walk: 410 kg for the best time over 35 meters

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and tour packages are also available. For ticket details, please check the website.


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