2005 Arnold on Icelandic TV Tonight . . . Jon Pal Update

Hjalti Arnason, who has been channeling his passion for and inside knowledge of strength sports into documentaries, has been busy.

"We made two 30-minute programs from the 2005 Arnold and it is on Syn Icelandic sports channel tonight at 19:00 GMT," Hjalti said. "The second part is on schedule for next week."

And for all you Jon Pall fans who are sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting Hjalti's documentary on the incomparable Icelandic strongman, there is more good news.

"The Jon Pall movie is going fine," said Hjalti. "We just located the clips from Denmark, where he tore his biceps in 1991, and he never recovered from it."

Hjalti said that he already has photos and clips from TWI, but if anyone has some others, please contact him.

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