2005 Arnold Strongman Contest and the IFSA Super Series Final

Commenting today on whether the 2005 Arnold strongman contest would again be the IFSA Super Series Final, Jim Lorimer said, "I met with Ulf Bengtsson [Super-Series president] yesterday and we are moving in that direction."

Even if little known elsewhere, the Arnold strongman contest has been a tremendous success within the strongman community, representing a carefully-selected combination of truly-heavy strongman events, and it draws the top names on the international strongman circuit. The nature of the contest itself combined with having the richest purse in the sport and being affiliated with the world-renown Arnold Classic/Fitness Expo have made the Arnold a top-tier strongman event.

"Our plans are underway to follow the same successful approach we used last year," Jim Lormer said, and while it was left unsaid, the reasonable expectation is that next year will produce an even loftier event.

Follow contest details at the official website and plan to attend the 2005 event.

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