2004 US Rolling Thunder Nationals

The 2004 US Rolling Thunder National Championships will be held in conjunction with the big strongman shows at the GNC Show of Strength, so here's your chance to test your hand strength and have some fun with some of the biggest names in strongman.

The US Rolling Thunder Nationals are set for Friday, October 8th, right after the strongman events finish, which is expected to be about 4:00 p.m. Everyone who has qualified at a NAS event earlier this year is eligible and if you want to join the fun, here's a way you can be a walk-on: Show us that you can lift the opener (170 pounds) before the contest starts and you're in. All IFSA pro-card holders automatically qualify, and if there are at least three women ready to compete (starting weight of 70 pounds), then a women's class will be run as well as a men's class. The top three men will win IronMind® gift certificates, not to mention major bragging rights, and if we run a women's class, prizes will be given out based on the number of entries.

For information on the GNC Show of Strength, please check their website  and for details on the strongman contests and the Rolling Thunder Nationals, please check the official NAS website.

Here's your chance to meet, hang out with and even lift with some of the guys you have read about in MILO® and watched on TV. See you there!

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