2004 Arnold Strongman Contest: TV Schedule

The 2004 Arnold Strongman contest will air on the Fox Sports Network during the week of April 12th so if you missed it in person or just want to catch it all again, here's your chance.

Calling it "one of the best strongman shows ever," strongman television host Colin Bryce said that this is not a watered down competition with a lot of running around, but instead features a lot of static strength.

To do well at the Arnold, "You have no option but to be exceptionally strong," Bryce said, and to emphasize the kind of horsepower required for a top performance, he used Svend Karlsen as an example.

"Svend weighed about 140 kg in his training DVD, and he weighed about 155 kg at the Arnold."

The Arnold Strongman contest will be aired as one program, and check with the Fox Sports Network for scheduling details.

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