2003 AOBS Dinner Announced

Artie Drechsler, president of the Association of the Oldtime Barbell and Strongmen (AOBS), has announced plans for this year's AOBS dinner, so mark your calenders now.

"We intend to go forward and hold the 20th Dinner that Vic had already begun to plan for," Drechsler said, "and to carry on his newsletter.  The dinner will be held on June 28th, at the Marriot Hotel in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, the site of the past two dinners."  Drechsler added, "It is a given that our honoree will be Vic Boff. We will use this dinner to remember his accomplishments, as well as the history of the organization.  But because carrying on was so important to Vic, we will do that in the way he intended for the glorious 20th Dinner."

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