2002 IFSA SUPER SERIES FINAL: The Competitors

The 2002 IFSA Super Series Final will be held on January 18th in Honolulu, Hawaii, and expect the sparks to fly.

Promoter-competitor Odd Haugen, told IronMind, "Although the Super Series co-leaders, Svend Karlsen and Hugo Girard, have a commanding lead (both have 11 Super Series Points), look for Mariusz Pudzianowski (with 2 Super Series points) and Zydrunas Savickas (with 4 Super Series points), in particular, to mix it up with the duo.  A win in the Final is worth 10 Super Series points, and that can catapult anyone way up the Super Series ranking!"

Besides those five competitors, the following top strongmen have confirmed their participation: Raimonds Bergmanis, Martin Muhr, Anthony Leiato, Andres Johansson, Benny Wennberg, Jarek Dymek, Vasyl Virastuyk, Mykola Melnikov and Karl Gillingham.

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