105-kg Strongman Off and Running: Worlds Records, More Contests

“The 105-kg athletes are also true strongmen,” Ilkka Kinnunen told IronMind®, “and deserve to have big international events.

Here’s the podium from the 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers competition held this past weekend.  IronMind® | Andis Linde photo.
Here’s the podium from the 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers competition held this past weekend.  IronMind® | Andis Linde photo.

“I’m hoping, of course, that more countries will be interested in organizing competitions for these athletes,” said Kinnunen, who is coming off this weekend’s very successful 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers contest.

“The 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers and Finnish Nationals were done on very short notice and the organizer, Voimapuoti, did a great job doing such a event in a short period time,” Kinnunen said.  “We are started already discussion with them to have 105-kg World Championships in Finland.

“In World Record Breakers - Finland there were four new world records: Car Walk (370 kg 25 m), Farmer’s Walk (120 kg, 70 m), Deadlift for Reps (332 kg), and Atlas Stones (100, 120, 140, 160, 180 kg),” Kinnunen said.  Kinnunen also assembled the known 105-kg strongman world records, which should be a tremendous incentive for everyone competing in this category.

PATRIK BABOUMIAN, GERMANY                                                  
165 kg

CAR WALK (370 kg, 25 meters)         
17.49 seconds

FARMER’S WALK (120 kg, 70 meters)   
SERGEY KONYUSHOK, UKRAINE                                                  
30.82 seconds

DEADLIFT FOR REPS (332 kg)    
MARIS ROZENTALS, LATVIA                                                          
6 reps (in 60 seconds)

ATLAS STONES*                           
MARIUS LALAS, LITHUANIA                                                            
26.31 seconds

*(100 kg 4 m, 120 kg 3 m, 140 kg 2 m, 160 kg 1 m, 180 kg next to platform. Platform height 120 cm)

DEADLIFT FOR MAX                 
MARIS ROZENTALS, LATVIA                                                             
500 kg (deadlift machine)

YOKE RACE (350 kg, 25 m)          
MARIS ROZENTALS, LATVIA                                                             
15.23 seconds

LOG FOR REPS (110 kg)             
SERGEY KONYUSHOK, UKRAINE                                                      
9 reps

CHINESE STONES                     
JANNE HARTIKAINEN, FINLAND                                                       
30.05 seconds

Also, Kinnunen told IronMind® that there will be DVD coming out for sale about the 105-kg Strongman World Record Breakers competition, so stay tuned for more information on it.

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