'06 Arnold Armwrestling: Third Qualifier

The third qualifier for the 2006 Arnold Armwrestling competition is the United States ArmSports Unified National Armwrestling Championship on August 13 at the Doubletree Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas.

A USAA official told IronMind® today that the number of competitors at the 2006 Arnold Armwrestling competiton will be double what is was this year, and explained how that will work.

The men's weight classes at the Arnold are 154-, 176-, 198- and +199-pounds, but to allow more competitors to pull at the Arnold, two per class will qualify from the Unified Nationals, and then they would be eligible to compete at the Arnold in the weight class they fall into. So, for example, the top two from the 220-, 242- and the +243-pound classes would all qualify to pull at the 2006 Arnold in the +199-pound class.

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