Zydrunas Savickas: Unstoppable at the IFSA European Championships Today

Continuing where he left off yesterday, Zydrundas Savickas let the other guys fight it out for the remaining places because there was no doubt that the 2005 IFSA European Championship title was his alone.

Savickas finished with 122 points, well ahead of Tomi Lotta, who edged out Andrus Murumets for second place - both competitors had 105 points, but Lotta got the nod on count back.

Zydrunas Savickas set a world record in the yoke, and Andrus Murumets set one in the shield carry.

The MHP Stones of Strength were a fitting finale, as a great performance by injured local hero Raimonds Bergmanis allowed him to move back up high enough to qualify for the IFSA World Championships later this year, and Lotta's performance in them, also lifting all five stones, is what allowed him to take second place over Murumets because the two competitors "ended up equal in points, equal in disciplines won," explained an IFSA official, "and only the second place in the MHP Stones of Strength for Lotta awarded him the second place." Going the other direction, when Robert Schzepanski narrowly missed the final stone, he dropped from second place to fifth overall.

Here are the final places and points for the top ten:

1. Savickas 122 points
2. Lotta 105
3. Murumets 105
4. Bergmanis 101
5. Szchepanski 99.5
6. Kokliayev 89.5
7. Karlsen 76.5
8. Samuelsson 74.5
9. Kazelnikis 74.5
10. Hams 71

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