The Olympics: Georgi Asanidze is Looking Good for Athens

Georgi Asanidze (Republic of Georgia), who did not train for 15 months following shoulder surgery, started his journey back toward the competition platform in Athens five months ago.

Asanidze—whose illustrious career includes a world record snatch (181 kg), a bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics, and a pile of world championship medals—began his comeback in what can only be described as "very bad form" for a world-class 85-kg weightlifter, snatching 100 kg and cleaning and jerking 120 kg, but is now looking like he will be in the hunt for a medal in Athens.

Insiders predict that this class will be a tough battle involving a handful of competitors, including Greek weightlifting superstar Pyrros Dimas, who will be attempting to make Olympic history by winning his fourth gold medal in the sport.

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