Shi Zhiyong Wins the 69s

After losing control of the jerk on his second attempt, Shi Zhiyong, oozing confidence, repeated with the same 190 kg on his third attempt and stuck the lift at the IWF World Championships in Houston—where he won two gold medals in the men’s 69-kg category. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen photo

Houston—China continued its traditional of excellence last night as men’s 69-kg competitor Shi Zhiyong captured the gold medals in the clean and jerk, and the total at the IWF World Championships.

Daniyar Ismayilov (Turkey) edged Oleg Chen (Russia) on body weight for the gold medal in the snatch, both making 160 kg, and the bronze went to Shi Zhiyong, two kilos behind.

Shi won the clean and jerk with 190 kg, which also gave him the gold medal in the total.  Firidun Guliyev (Azerbaijan) hit 188 kg, for the silver medal in the clean and jerk, and Kim Myong Hyok (North Korea) got the bronze medal with 187 kg.

Please visit the IWF website for results and more information about the sport of weightlifting.


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