Moscow Super Series: More Results, Bergmanis Sets World Record, "Tremendous Enthusiasm"

The Moscow Super Series was a tremendous success, with incredible support from the city of Moscow, including mayor Yuri Luzhkov, and with most of the world's top strongmen in the competition, it is no surprise that the event produced a new world record in the log lift.

Two weeks ago, Zydrunas Savickas set a new world record in the log lift, of 187.5 kg.  To illustrate the level of competition at the Moscow Super Series, four athletes succeeded with 180 kg: Hugo Girard, Vasyl Virastiuk, Zydrunas Savickas, and Raimonds Bergmanis. But that was just the beginning, because former Olympic weightlifter Raimonds Bergmanis then succeeded with 190 kg, for a smashing new world record in the log lift.

With what was described as "tremendous enthusiasm," the contest enjoyed the full support of Moscow, from the mayor to the citizens who packed the stadium.  "I've never signed so many autographs," one competitor said.  "This was tremendous for the sport."  Final placings were: 1) Pudzianowksi 2) Savickas 3) Virastiuk 4) Bergmanis 5) Karlsen 6) Girard 7) Samuelsson 8) Nigatullin 9) Philippi 10) Johansson 11) Thompson 12) Haugen 13) Flerka.

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