Meelis Peil Wins SCL Estonia

MHP Strongman Champions League introduced international strongman competition to Estonia this past weekend, where Meelis Peil won the individual competition and Estonia won the team title.

Meelis Peil (Estonia), the new SCL star won the individual title at MHP Strongman Champions League–Estonia.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL
Meelis Peil (Estonia), the new SCL star, won the individual title at MHP Strongman Champions League–Estonia.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

2013 MHP Strongman Champions League–Estonia
by Ilkka Kinnunen

The competition took place Saturday in Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia, in a sports arena. This was the first time that top strongman athletes have been seen in the country and of course it pulled in a lot of media attention before the competition and during the event.

Six Estonian athletes and six international athletes competed as team and also for individual places in total of six events.

This was an Team event where the whole team was competing. First athlete had to walk 25m with 150-kg Farmer’s Walk and then tapped a team member who took 125 kg and ran 25 m to the platform.  The third part was a 400-kg tyre flip with 4 flips. This was repeated twice, so all 6 team members did their share. The winner was Estonia. The MHP team lost one athlete, Antti Mourujärvi, who tore his bicepts in last part Tyre Flip. This is unfortunate but seems very common in our sport. He will be back 2014 and we all wish him a good recovery. Estonia team 2 points, MHP team 1 point.

After this, the contest continued as an individual competition.

Yoke: 400 kg and 25m
The winner wasMeelis Peil  11.76 sec. 2nd was Krzysztof Radzikowski 11.97sec. 

Viking Press: 165-kg
This was easy victory for Krzysztof Radzikowski, who did 15 reps and showed that he is one of the best pressers in world. Second was Ervin Katona with 13 reps.

Conan Circle: 30 m,  350 kg
The winner was Meelis Peil and Lauri Nami was second. 

5th event Forward Hold: 30kg cylinder
This was an easy win for world record holder Ervin Katona with a time of 1 minute 14.92 sec. Alex Moonen was second with 1 minute 4.70 sec.

Atlas Stones, 6 stones: 100 kg (180 cm), 120 kg (160 cm), 140 kg (150 cm), 160 kg (140 cm), 185 (130 cm) and 212 kg (120 cm)
The only athlete who did all 6 stones Meelis Peil, with a time of 48.58 sec.  Lauri Nami was second with 5 stones in 24.80 sec.

Special Thanks to Rammumeeste organisation (Marek & Janek Tobi) who did excellent job pulling out the first big international strongman competition in Estonia. Next year we will be back with even bigger show in Estonia.

Top six individual points:

1. Meelis Peil 56
2. Krzysztof Radzikowski 51
3. Lauri Nami 47
4. Rauno Heinla 43
5. Ervin Katona 40
6. Dainis Zageris 37

The the team title with 204 points versus the MHP SCL Team 182 points.


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