Marshall White Wins WSMSS - Bucharest

“The final was really a final!” WSMSS’s Kjell Karlsson reported to IronMind®, as Marshall White won the series’ inaugural contest in Bucharest today.

The last event was the Atlas Stones and “four of the competitors managed to put all of them in place,” said Karlsson.  “Marshall made it in 26.8 seconds and Nick Best needed 35.78 seconds.  In third place, Johannes Arsjo, the young Swede, finished in another two seconds.  The Atlas Stones became really decisive and these three ended up on the podium in the same order,” said Karlsson.

Final results:

1. Marshall White - 28.5
2. Nick Best - 27
3. Johannes Arsjo - 26.75
4. Brian Shaw - 24.5
5. Stojan Todorchev - 23.5
6. Janne Virtanen

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