Justin Blake Edges Jacob Bodi in America’s Strongest Man® 105 kg

With “16 athletes competing for 10k in prize money,” the stakes were high at the American’s Strongest Man® (ASM)–105 kg contest, and the final decision came down to the thinnest of margins as ASC president Dione Wessels called the action for IronMind.

“The event was at the COBO center in Detroit, Michigan in conjunction with the International Sports Festival,” Wessels said.  “The events were Truck Push and Sled Drag; 160-lb. Giant Dumbbell press for reps; Car Deadlift for reps; Mammoth Wheelbarrow and Keg Load; and the Atlas Stone Load.

“The contest was competitive from start to finish as no athlete dominated the contest [and there was] a different winner in each event.  In the final results, there was a tie for first place between 2008 105-kg ASM Justin Blake and Jacob Bodi from Wisconsin.  Instead of doing a countback we decided to do a tie-breaker event.  The tie-breaker event was an overhead press medley with a 160-lb. Giant Dumbbell, a 200-lb. keg and a 250-lb. keg.  Both athletes were able to press the first and second implement but had troubles with the third.  For Bodi it appeared to be a lockout issue.  Since Blake pressed the first two implements faster, he took the win!"

For full details, please check the official ASC website.


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