IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block: Women’s World Standard Established

It’s a classic test of pinch grip strength and now women, too, can join the fun and have their grip strength accomplishments duly recognized as IronMind has established the world standard for women on the Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block. IronMind® | ©Randall J. Strossen

Want to break the women’s world record on the venerable IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block?

IronMind has just established the women’s world standard for the Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block, so the first woman to beat that by 1 kg or more will set the inaugural women’s world record, guaranteeing herself a position in grip strength history!

IronMind Blockbuster Pinch Grip Block: Rules and World Records


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