Hugo Girard Handily Wins Stockholm Super Series GP

Canadian strongman Hugo Girard (CAN) outdistanced his competition by 10 points to take the Stockholm Super Series GP, but it was Svend Karlsen (NOR) who set a new world record on the log lift–185 kg.

Three men, including Anders Johansson (SWE) and Raimunds Bergmanis (LAT), tried to topple Jamie Reeve's ten-year-old record of 180 kg, but only Svend managed to get the weight up.

Top ten finishers were: 1) Girard, 81 points; 2) Karlsen, 71; 3) Savickas (LIT), 68.5; 4) Muhr (GER), 65; 5) Pudzianowski (POL), 64; 6) Johansson (SWE), 63; 7) Bergmanis, 53; 8) Dymek (POL), 52.5; 9) Haugen (NOR), 44; 10) Schoonveld (USA), 36.5.

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