For Sale: IFSA Strongman Equipment . . . Strongman Worlds in a Box

The rumors started reaching IronMind® two or three weeks ago - stories about a shipping container of IFSA Strongman equipment being held for nonpayment of fees - and it quickly became apparent that this was not some half-baked story.

IronMind® asked IFSA's Christian Fennell about this, and while he preferred not to discuss the situation in detail, he described it as something like a disagreement between parties about the terms of a contract, and noted, "We have other equipment," implying that reclaiming the container was not essential for his group to hold future contests.

Emotions are not so calm on the other side of the table, as IronMind® also talked directly with John Cirone, the independent sales contractor who put together the deal between IFSA Strongman and ABX Logistics, the global freight forwarder sitting on the container and an unpaid bill for $63,000 for moving the IFSA equipment from England to Korea, for the 2007 IFSA World Championships, and then back to Philadelphia.

John Cirone ran through the transaction in detail, but the bottom line was simple: normal terms are 30 days, but he said, "Christian Fennell [managing director of IFSA] begged for 45 days and gave me his word that the bill would be paid." It's been over 180 days, Cirone said, adding that he can't reach Fennell.

In an effort to recover at least some of the lost revenue, Cirone said that the IFSA equipment will be placed on sale tomorrow, so if you're looking for the full kit you need to hold a world championships in strongman, already in one big box, ready for delivery anywhere in the world, here's your chance.

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