Captains of Crush® Certification: Hand-i-Craft

Hand size has always been a concern to people when it comes to talking about closing our Captains of Crush® grippers, and for good reason: Doesn't it just make sense that you need a big hand to wrap around the gripper and that bigger is better?

"Not to worry," we have been telling people for years, because certainly anyone with even average-sized hands should have no problem whatsoever getting his pinky on the handle, with a legal starting position, and this is even true if the fixed handle of the gripper is moved away from the thumb base, toward the bottom of the fingers.

If you have really small hands, you might have to be a bit more creative to get a solid starting position, such as taking the initial starting position with your pinky extended, and only wrapping it on the handle as you pull into the range where it will comfortably fit on the handle.

Once you have a legal starting position, you can adjust your fingers as you wish, as long as none of the other rules are violated in the process.

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The gold standard of grippers.

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