Adam Scherr Leads ASC Amateur Strongman World Championships

Adam Scherr leads the Amateur Strongman World Championships at the Arnold Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

Alan Colley on the Husafelt Carry as ASC athlete Brad Dunn referees.  IronMind® | Courtesy of ASC.
Alan Colley on the Husafelt Carry as ASC athlete Brad Dunn referees.  IronMind® | Courtesy of ASC.

Here are the top ten, officially, after the first day of competition:

1. Adam Scherr (USA) 176.0
2. Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) 156.0
3. Chad Kurian (USA) 144.5
4. Bak Bartlomiej (Poland) 144.0
5. Kenneth Nowicki (Scotland) 134.0
6. Luke Skaarup (Canada) 133.0
7. Steve Schmidt (USA) 130.0
8. Jacob Bodi (USA) 130.0
9. Lauri Nami (Estonia) 129.0
10. Tomas Rodriquez (USA) 127.5

“The day went well,” ASC’s Dione Wessels said, “and no injuries other than a couple of sprain ankles.  The athletes’ points will be decreased by 10% to make the points more level and even for Sunday.”

Over in the professional strongman contest, NAS/ASC alumni have also been flexing their muscles and currently stand in the top three positions: Mike Jenkins (17 points), Michael Burke (15.5 points) and Derek Poundstone (15 points).


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