Like a Rolling Stone



Inspiration from IronMind's man of pen and stone, Steve "Inver Stone" Jeck. Co-author of Stones and Strength and The Stone Lifter

Inspiration from IronMind's man of pen and stone, Steve "Inver Stone" Jeck

Co-author Of Stones and Strength and The Stone Lifter

Like a Rolling Stone


Remember Sisyphus and how he was condemned to rolling a boulder to the top of a mountain only to watch it roll back down to the plain, time and again, for all eternity?  His punishment was to symbolize our daily struggle in which it appears "our whole being is exerted toward accomplishing nothing."

Well, Sisyphus learned something that just might help you deal with what appears to be "futile and hopeless labor."  Each time he walked down the mountain to retrieve his stone, he reflected upon his actions.

During what Albert Camus called his "hour of consciousness,"  Sisyphus was "superior to his fate" and "stronger than his rock."  If you'll take the time to find significance in what you do, you'll be ready, with Sisyphus, for your next trip to the top of the mountain! 


Editor's Note: Steve Jeck’s books, Of Stones and Strength and The Stone Lifter; and videos, Kviahellan DVD, Jeck on Stonelifting video, and Classic Jeck: The First Works CD, define the world of stonelifting.

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