IronMind Summer Flyer: You’re Only as Strong as Your Hands

IronMind 2019 Summer catalog cover IronMind, Summer 2019: You’re only as strong as your hands. ©IronMind Enterprises, Inc.

Since 1988, IronMind—home of Captains of Crush® grippers and the Rolling Thunder®—has been known as Grip Central: IronMind is the world leader in designing grip strength tools, modeling hand strength and creating the competitive formats that are the standard around the planet.

Latch on to this legacy and up your game—whether it’s weightlifting, CrossFit, strongman, MMA, OCR or baseball . . . to name a few. This catalog includes a special section on armlifting, the most popular format for grip strength contests, so whether you are just starting off or can already crack coconuts in your bare hands, this is way to test and showcase your grip strength.

We also feature such IronMind classics as Vulcan Racks, pulling harnesses, Tough-As-Nail™ sandbags and gym/travel bags, and the lifting straps of first choice by the world’s strongest men and women.

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Captains of Crush® Hand Grippers

Captains of Crush grippers: the gold standard of grippers
The gold standard of grippers.

The fastest route to the strongest grip.

MILO®: Strength

Universal power broker

We deal in kilos and meters, pounds and feet.

Strong-Enough™ Lifting Straps

IronMind: Strong-Enough Lifting Straps: Most popular" at WSM. Proven daily by the world's strongest men.

Proven daily by the world's strongest men.

If you're not using IronMind lifting straps, you're not lifting as much as you could be.

Expand-Your-Hand Bands

Expand-Your-Hand Bands
Say goodbye to tennis elbow

Prevent, eliminate or reduce tennis elbow and associated pains. Simple, fun and effective.