IronMind Home Training Systems

No time wasted commuting or waiting to use equipment in the gym—IronMind has what you need for world-class workouts just about anywhere.

Vulcan Racks III System Squat Racks

Add-ons let you squat, dip and chin—and more!

The world's most famous squat racks can also be used for dips, chins and wrist roller work. With its compact design and easy breakdown, Vulcan Racks are ready for serious workouts at home. Proven for over 20 years, they are the top choice for a rock-solid squat rack.

The Vulcan Racks III System is available in many combinations and components in the IronMind e-store.

Here is what you need if you want to:

SDC Center

Want the features and benefits of the Vulcan Racks and Command Chinning Center with even more stability and a reduced footprint?

Complete unit includes:

  • Command Chinning Bar
  • Vulcan Racks Base Unit
  • Vulcan Racks Squat Uprights
  • You Decide Double-Dip Bar Uprights

The Command Chinning Bar is also sold separately.

The SDC Center is available in the IronMind e-store.

ALight Training Center

If you're ready for a revolution in home gym training, take a close look at the ALight Training Center.

Light as a feather, strong as an ox.

  • ultra portable, but seriously strong
  • all-aluminum consruction, with no welds, nuts or bolts
  • precision-crafted and stunning, with instant change-outs
  • squat racks weigh less than 32 lb.
  • never before have the big 3—squat, dip, chin—been so accessible and transportable
  • dipping handles, designed for confort and a secure grip, 1-1/38" x 1-1/8"
  • system includes:  ALight base and squat, dip, and chin attachments
  • Outside width adjusts from 20-1/2” to 47-1/2”; 24” front to back; squat uprights adjust at 2” intervals from 48” to 83”; massive 2-1/2” diameter uprights.

The ALight Training Center is available in the IronMind e-store.

Which training system is right for you?
Squat capacity 700 lb. 1,000 lb. 1,000 lb.
Dips Adjustable width. Hands parallel or 45°. Adjustable width. Hands parallel or 45°. Adjustable width. Hands parallel or 45°.
Chins Strict only Strict only Kip, kip. hooray*
Bench presses No Yes Yes
Portable Extremely (squat racks weigh less than 32 lb.) Very (squat racks weigh 54 lb.) No, not meant for regular disassembly
Swap-outs:  squat–dip–chin Extra easy Very easy Very easy for squats and dips; chinning bar fixed
Height/width adjustments Yes, squats, dips, chins Yes, squats, dips, chins Yes for squats and dips; chinning bar at fixed height
Footprint 24" x 47-1/2" 24" x 52" 72" x 52"
Squat racks 48" to 83" 37-1/2" to 64" 37-1/2" to 64"
Max height chinning bar 83" 83-1/2" 87"
Price to squat, dip, chin 699.95** $882.85** $989.95**

*some cheating is ok—test, adjust, be safe!

**plus S&H and tax, where applicable