United Strongmen Will Focus on Women

United Strongmen founder Jyrki Rantanen has announced that he will “focus on developing the sport for women's and other classes as we feel that there´s a lot to be done and also it helps the whole strength community to avoid useless ‘politics.’

“Our first international competition for this year will be Queen of the Castle™, sponsored by Fitnesstukku.  Along with the ‘crown’ title, the competition will be Strongwoman Scandinavian Championships and the field of competitors will include the top names from last year’s Queen of the Castle, national champions and last, but definitely the least, we will see the comeback of Finnish strongwoman legend Kati Luoto, who will be competing for the first time in strongwoman since 2011 when she injured her knee. Kati is multi-time Finland´s Strongest Woman and a runner-up in WSW, so there will be a top battle witnessed in April 27th.”

Rantanen also said that he will be staging “the whole contest in [a] theater atmosphere as the venue will be Verkatehdas—a new generation of Arts and Congress center on the shore of Lake Vanajavesi in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

“The events will be done in Vanaja Hall, what is the venue for concerts and other acts and the competition will be filmed for our pay per view channel (as all of our international shows in the future).”


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