Pfister Wins in Boston, Odd Haugen Takes Second

In what was described as Art McDermott's best strongman show yet, Phil Pfister kicked off the 2004 IFSA-USA season with a solid win in Boston.

Pfister won the stones (loading all six), and the Hercules Hold. Odd Haugen, beating the best at the event, took top honors in the farmers walk.  Second year pro Jon Andersen continued to impress, dominating the squat with 22 reps (700 pounds, a little above parallel, sixty seconds)—Odd Haugen, Phil Pfister, and Dan Ford were tied for second place with 14 reps.  Andersen also won the Conan's wheel.  Odd Haugen finished second place overall, Dan Ford was third and Jon Andersen was fourth. 

Check the official IFSA-USA web site for full results .

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