Australian Hercules: Derek Boyer Wins Australia's Strongest Man

"It was a tough weekend with some fantastic performances," Bill Lyndon reported to IronMind®, "with Derek Boyer taking the title of Australia's Strongest Man."

"Derek worked hard to fight off an early charge from Robbie Fernandez and an injury to his right foot to lift the title of Australia's Strongest Man.

Here are the final places and points:

1. Derek Boyer 27 points
2. Ebin Le Roux 20 points (taking second place on countback)
3. Robbie Fernandez 20 points
4. Allan Kleise 14.5 points
5. Mic Pianco 7.5 points

"The standout performances were Ebin Le Roux winning the truck pull; Derek Boyer winnnig the super yoke, farmer's walk, log lift, and deadlift (400 kg); and Allan Kliese winning the stones. Alan also won the amateur class on the [same] day and progressed to the pro class and competed in the next six events. This guy is a freak, and I suspect he has a big future in strongman."

In more news from Australian strongman, Bill Lyndon also told IronMind®, "Aussiepower is now in the early stages of producing 'The Hercules,' which will be an international-standard event, with some events never seen before in strongman. We are looking to stage this event for January next year."

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