2012 Lightweight SAAA Highland Games World Championships

Thanks to the Scottish American Athletics Association (SAAA), the Seaside Highland Games, Athletic Director Brandon Goodman and Rich Wilson, there’s a Highland Games World Championships for guys under 200 lb. and it’s going to be in Ventura, California on October 13.

“It is an honor to have earned my second opportunity to compete at this world class event put on by the S.A.A.A and Athletic Director Brandon Goodman and Rich Wilson, while also supporting fund raising for breast cancer research,” Ryan Seckman told IronMind. 

“Brandon has for years held additional events for the athletes and spectators to compete in to raise funds to support this worthy cause.  This year’s line up includes two amazing throwers from Germany and will be the best leightweight competition held in the world, with more than half of the current world records in jeopardy of being broken,” said Seckman.

Here’s the official list of competitors:

Mark Howe (USA)
Jeff Thornton (USA)
Scott Farr (USA)
Ryan Seckman (USA)
Jacob Nicol (USA)
Rich Wilson (USA)
Jeff Goodman (USA)
Adam Larson (USA)
Torsten Hulsemann (Germany)
Martin Tim Kuhne (Germany)
Phil Sansotta (USA)
Brandon Chisholm (USA)
Jasen Von Guinness (USA)
Dustin Scott (USA)
Peter McGraith (USA)
Luke Lomsdalen (USA)

For full details, please visit the Seaside Highland Games website


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