What Our Customers Say About Us

You guys are truly the best. Your gear is incredible and your service is second to none even when I only have a workout question and am not purchasing anything.—B.S., North Arlington, NJ 

Thank you for your immediate and professional response to my question. IronMind makes some fantastic equipment.—P.C., Hyattsville, MD 

I just want to say thank you for taking the time to personally reply to my email. You have no idea how much it means to me to have the head honcho of the best strength training company in the world reply to my email.—J.S., Woodstock, IL 

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my last order. The products you supplied were of the highest quality.—M.T., Kerry, Ireland 

Thanks for the great products and the wonderful follow through. You guys do a great job.—M .C., Las Vegas, NV 

By the way, your products are terrific. Everyone at the gym just stares when I use them.—J .L.M., Cuenca, Spain 

I just want to say how extremely happy I am to have come across your company. . . . I am exposed to swarms of companies pushing health/fitness products and concepts. After sorting through them all, there are very few that I stand behind and actually believe in myself. IronMind is at the top of that short list.—K.G., Melrose, MA 

Thanks—you guys are a unique force for the good things in strength training.—F., via e-mail. 

Dr. Strossen, I talked with you several weeks ago and got encouragement from you. Your column “IronMind” gave me hope and inspiration for a decade. I was so poor, I couldn’t even afford weights. My solution: I went to the salvage yard . . . Though I use/have modern equipment now, I built my foundation on faith, the Bible, and creativity: “Find a way or make one—never say die” attitude beats aptitude in the long run.—M.F., Joplin, MO 

The [Captains of Crush] Grippers, [Expand-Your-Hand] Bands, Dexterity Balls and other equipment have been most helpful in recovering strength, flexibility and functional ability in my recovering arm and hand. My first push and pull-up early last year were occasions of simple joy and gratitude. Thank you so much for the . . . consistent quality and service I have come to associate with IronMind . . . . Until we can all run, lift and grip in the Kingdom without growing weary, make mine IronMind.—J.R., Notre Dame, IN 

The Titan’s Telegraph Key and the Heavy Hammer Leverage Bar are exactly what I’d hoped they’d be and better. The speed of delivery all the way to my faraway corner of Alaska is amazing. . . . your customer service is incredibly accommodating, helpful, and fast.—J.S., Fairbanks, AK 

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you include Bible verses in your catalogs and on your website. It is encouraging to see such a quality company do such a thing! I am a Christian and was introduced to your company by a teacher at my Christian school who has used your products for years. I love the fact that you avoid the flashy hype and garb of the mainstream weightlifting scene. I think your products are top-notch and of the highest caliber !—J .L., Halifax, NS, Canada 

This is my second order from IronMind and I have been very pleased with the first one. You have excellent equipment, and I wish I could buy even more . . . your website is very well built and very user friendly. —T.K., Chania, Greece 

I am the proud owner of several IronMind products, including the Nos. 1, 2, and 3 CoCs, the Pillars of Power, the Vulcan Racks, and the 5-Star Flat Bench. Thanks for making such fine products - my garage is the best gym in Memphis - J.W., Memphis, TN

The [SUPER SQUATS] Hip Belt and book that I received with my last order truly went beyond my expectations. Yours is the only company that I’ve ordered from over the years that I’ve never been disappointed in.—E. H., Los Angeles, CA 

I own a [SUPER SQUATS] Hip Belt which is older than a decade and is still in use, still looking brand new.—C.B., Waechtersbach, Germany 

The BODYGLIDE stick is a mini-miracle. I have taken it to weighted walks a la Steve Justa and I was experiencing a fair amount of chaffing in the inner thigh area, but yesterday’s walk was friction free!—J.M., St. Thomas, ON, Canada 

I just wanted to congratulate you all at IronMind for your spectacular service! . . . I look forward to a long a happy relationship; [I’m] a huge fan so far and a very satisfied customer.—S .W., Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia 

I love all the products I have purchased from your company and unlike some other companies I have ordered from, you ship out orders very quickly. I appreciate all that you do!—B.T., Rolling Meadows, IL 

Thank you very much for your prompt assistance yesterday and your kind email. I am as impressed with IronMind’s excellent customer service as I am with your wonderful burly grippers.—R .L., Redmond, WA 

I just wanted to comment on how rare it is to get a quick response that actually answers your questions, and what a positive impact that has on a purchasing decision. Since I have to order many things from the U.S. and shipping is a significant cost, I am somewhat cautious about ordering. . . . I sincerely appreciate your personal response and wanted to let you know how important it was to me in deciding to purchase your product. —P.L., Okayama-Ken, Japan 

Just a quick thanks for taking the time to respond! I hold your company and all the products I have ordered from you in very high regard and am an avid reader of MILO, but this kind of customer service (responding to what many would regard as non-essential) is icing on the cake.—K .L., Helsinki, Finland 

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt responses and professionalism. You can expect much more business not only from me, but also my friends. I will gladly spread the word on your good business!—Z.S., Sandwich, IL 

Thanks for the great and friendly service. . . . and for the hard work you do that makes ordering from you so easy and enjoyable.—J.M., Gulf Breeze, FL 

It’s good to know that even in this highly computerized and automated world that there are still people behind the scenes to make sure the customer’s needs are met. I appreciate it and will continue to shop at IronMind.—K.R., Stowe, VT


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