Sean Betz Wins Inverary Highland Games

There's been little rest for Sean Betz and Larry Brock as they continue throwing their weight around Scotland, and here's how things went at the Inverary Highland Games, as reported by Francis Brebner.

Inverary Highland Games by Francis Brebner

The Inverary Highland Games, with a crowd of 12,000, saw two new field record established at yesterday's event by America's Mike Zolkiewicz and Larry Brock.

Scotland's Bruce Robb, with a light stone putt of 51' 5", claimed the win over Sean Betz, who had a throw of 51' 2", with Scotland's Bruce Aitken in third place at 48' 7", and Brock in the rear at 48'.

In the 35-lb. stone, Sean Betz had an outstanding putt of 35' 2" that went ahead of Robb's, at 34' 8"; Australia's Aaron Neighbour was in third place with 33' 7".

In the 28-lb. weight for distance, the difficult short weight at only 12" long was to be seen flying from the hand of Brock to a distance of 76' 8", establishing a new field record. Betz was knocked into the second spot with 74' 3", and Robb to third with 73' 5".

The 56-lb. boulder for distance, which is not a common event, was won by Brock at 41' 5". Robb was in second at 38' and Betz in third at 39'.

In the 16-lb. hammer, it was Aitken who triumphed with a win of 133' 2" over America's Brock, who placed second with 132' 5"; Betz took third with a below-par throw of only 128'.

In the 22-lb. hammer, Betz pulled out the winning throw of 112' to go ahead of Aitken, who was in his shadow at 111', Brock just making it to third with 104'.

In the open caber, which was long but not that heavy, every athlete turned a 12:00, which then qualified them on the challenge caber, which was 22' long and 140 lb. Dave Barron won at 86 degrees, with Brock and Robb tying on 85 degrees for second.

In the 56-lb. weight over the bar, Mike Zolkiewicz thrilled the crowds with a new field record of 16' 8". Poland's Darius Slowik and Australia's Neighbour both tied at 16'.

Overall it was first, Betz; second, Brock; and third, Robb.

Brock and Betz said they have been very busy with traveling to and from each Games, but they are loving it and the competing. Brock said despite establishing a new field record in the 28-lb. weight, he was not happy with his hammers that day: "We have competed in so many Games up to this point, and we have so many more that we both are looking forward to. In fact, we will be competing in nine Games within the next thirteen days. Now that's what I call a series of Games."

The next Games for Brock and Betz will be at Arisaig, on the west coast of Scotland.

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