Nurcan Taylan Delivers First Gold Medal(s) of the World Weightlifting Championships to Turkey

Antalya, Turkey–2004 Olympic champion Nurcan Taylan showed she is back in a big way as the 48-kg lifter followed a near miss with a 99-kg world record attempt in the snatch by breaking the world record in the clean and jerk at the World Weightlifting Championships last night.

The world record attempt in the snatch was the only lift Taylan missed and as she rolled through her clean and jerks, she seemed to be gaining steam—the 121-kg world record clean and jerk was more solid than her second attempt.  Her teammate Sibel Ozkan won the silver medal in the snatch, the bronze in the jerk and the silver in the total.

Also on the podium in a big way was China’s sensational Youth Olympics winner Tian Yuan, who demolished the youth world records, setting and resetting them, and ended the evening with new top marks of 88 kg in the snatch, 116 kg in the clean and jerk, and 204 kg in the total.

The big lifts some had anticipated for Marzena Karpinska (Poland) didn’t materialize, but she created a lot of excitement when she missed her second snatch, sending the barbell sailing, and after it flew off the stage, it demolished the center referee’s table.
The men’s competition begins tonight, with the 56-kg category.


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