Mas Wrestling World Cup Results

Odd Haugen reported to IronMind that he “direct qualified from Norway for the Mas wrestling finals to be held in UAE, and Clay [Edgin] had a credible performance earning Team USA a spot in the finals as a wild card” as a result of their recent performances at the Mas Wrestling World Cup Tournament in Russia. 

“The World Cup Tournament was held in St. Petersburg, named ‘The Cup of Petr I,’  had 32 athletes representing 23 countries, and, of course, was dominated by the Russians,” said Haugen.

Final Results  
1. Victor Kolibabchuck  (Russia)
2. Mikhail Savvateev (Russia)
3. Fedor Fedorov (Russia)
4. Antanas Abrutis (Lithuania)
5. Ivan Belolyubsky (Russia)
6. Andrey Markin (Russia)
7. Marcus Mannik (Estonia)
8. Szymon Lech Niemiec (Poland)


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