Kakiasvilis: Third Olympic Gold Medal

(Sydney) Requiring only one clean and jerk to do the job, Akakios Kakiasvilis (GRE) joined his teammate Pyrros Dimas as a three-time Olympic gold medallist in weightlifting today.

As expected the battle for 94-kg category medals centered on Kakiasvilis, Szymon Kolecki (POL) and Alexei Petrov (RUS). Kolecki opened first in the snatch, with a good 175; Kakiasvilis opened with a successful 180, which Petrov missed twice, before making on his third attempt. Kolecki made 180 on his second attempt, and then 182.5 on his third attempt, for a new Junior world record. Kakiasvilis made 185 on his second attempt, but then missed 187.5 on his third.

Kakiasvilis opened with 220 in the clean and jerk, for a successful lift, and Petrov missed the same weight on his opener. Kolecki made 222.5 on his opener, and Petrov made the same weight for his second attempt. Kolecki unsuccessfully tried to save his 227.5 second attempt clean, and appeared to sprain his ankle in the process, so he was unable to take his third attempt. Petrov missed the same weight on his third, leaving Kakiasvilis the gold medallist, on bodyweight, with a 405 total. Kolecki won the silver, and Petrov won the bronze with his 402.5 total, edging Kouroush Bagheri (IRI) on bodyweight.

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