IFSA HI GP Correction: Grip, Weight Changes, Not the Bar

Rather than changing from the IronMind Apollon's Axle to a conventional bar to make the event less grip oriented, the grip is being changed from a double overhand to a conventional deadlift grip.

In keeping with making this a test of overall strength, the weight was also changed from 450 pounds to 600 pounds.

The official rules for the Mondo Dead Lift with the IronMind Apollon Axle state: "Athletes will lift a 600+ pound axle with fixed wheels from the ground in a conventional dead lift style for as many repetitions as possible in 90 seconds. Athlete must wait for referee's down signal before dropping the axle back to the ground under control.  Each lift must be from dead stop, no bouncing allowed.  If an athlete fails to complete ONE rep, he may ask for time-out (30 seconds), and then use his remaining time to do as many reps as possible on a lighter axle (500lb).  ALTERNATIVELY, an athlete may go directly to the lighter axle and do as many repetitions as possible on it. One rep on the Heavy Axle outscores any number of reps on the Lighter Axle.  Athlete with the most complete repetitions on the Heavy Axle wins.  No grip aids other than chalk (magnesium) allowed. Belt, knee wraps and single ply lifting suit allowed."

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