IFSA 105s: Sergi Konyushok (Ukraine) Takes the Lead

"Day three events started with the Wenhua Down and Feather Cup Atlas Stones," reported Dione Wessels from the IFSA 105-kg World Championships.

Kevin Nowack (USA) on the Down and Feathers Atlas Stones. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Dione Wessels.
Kevin Nowack (USA) on the Down and Feathers Atlas Stones. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Dione Wessels.

"Instead of the round traditional stones, the stones were shaped liked Gold Chinese coins, ranging in weights from 110 kg, 120 kg, 140 kg, 160 kg, and 170 kg. The stones were loaded to an 110-cm platform in a 90-second time limit. The top three finishers in the event were Janne Hartikainen of Finland (5 stones, 30.05 seconds), Maris Rozentals of Latvia (5 stones, 34.90 seconds), and Sergi Konyushok of Ukraine (5 stones, 35.92 seconds).

"Following the stones was the Royal Marina Cup Log lift clean and press for reps (110 kg, 75 seconds). The top three finishers in the Log lift were Sergi Konyushok of Ukraine (9 repetitions), Maris Rozentals of Latvia (8 repetitions), and since there were six athletes that tied for third place with seven repetitions each, they drew names for the trophy cup. The name drawn was Patrik Baboumian of Germany.

"The final event of the day was the pole push. The athletes drew names as to who would be paired together. The top three winners of the pole push were Piotr Piechowiak of Poland, Kesler Nos of Hungary, and Sergi Konyushok of Ukraine.

"The top three in the overall now are Sergi Konyushok (101.5 pts), Janne Hartikainen (99.5 pts.), and Alvidas Brazdzius (90.5 pts).

"The final three events tomorrow will decide the overall champion. The final three events are Panyu Tourism Yoke Walk, Guangzhou Daily Cup Conan's Circle, and the Chime-Long Tourist Resort Cup Truck Pull."

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