Harri Peltomaa Wins 105-kg Finnish Strongman National Championships

“The 105-kg Finnish [strongman] nationals was held yesterday in Rauma, Finland,” Jyrki Rantanen reported to IronMind, in what he said was a “very professionally” run competition which was won by Harri Peltomaa.

This was a six-event indoor competition:

•Farmer’s medley: 100–144 kg per hand
•Dumbbell press: 60 kg
•Power stairs: 170–265 kg
•Yoke: 350 kg
•Deadlift: 270–280 kg, raw, reps, with a machine
 •Stones: 120–180 kg.

“Especially the top four were in a tight competition,” Rantanen said, as they finished within two points of each other:

1. Harri Peltomaa 16.5
2. Matti Vessari 17.5
3. Rami Koski 18.5
4. Marko Valo 18.5

“Unfortunately one of the finalists (Tomi Kurunsaari) had to stop the competition with a possible biceps rupture.

“Finland's competitor for 105 worlds, Topi Frifeldt, was not in the competition; the head referee was a former Finnish nationals (open class) runner-up and CoC3-certified Sami Heinonen.

“It seemed that the lightweight class is rising again in our country—there were 20 competitors and 8 of them went to the final in this one-0day competition.  The finalists showed good power and I feel that we'll have some new faces from Finland in the 105-kg world’s class in a few years’s time,” predicted Rantanen.


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