China Opens World Weightlifting Championships With 6 Gold Medals

Paris–China wasted no time flexing its muscles at the 2011 World Weightlifting Championships as 18-year old Tian Yuan swept the women’s 48-kg category and then Wu Jingbiao followed suit in the men’s 56-kg category.

Making his international debut, Zhao Caojun made 128/156, indicating that he can be a contender at the highest levels, even if he did not pressure Wu Jingbiao’s performance (133/159) tonight.  Valentin Hristov, now lifting for Azerbaijan, jerked 154 kg for a new Youth world record, along with the bronze medal in the jerk and total.  Since it was also the 1000th world record broken on an Eleiko barbell, he won one—valued at a tidy 3300 euros.


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