2009 Costa Mesa Highland Games: Sean Betz Leads After Day 1

The 2009 Costa Mesa Highland Games opened yesterday and Francis Brebner filed this report with IronMind®.

2009 Costa Mesa Highland Games: Day 1

by Francis Brebner

More than 20,000 spectators at the 77th Annual Costa Mesa Highland Games were treated to some fine weather Saturday and with that came some fine throwing from all athletic categories. 

Here are the results after day one in the professional division. 

In the 22-lb. Braemar standing stone putt, Rusty Price claimed the first event with a personal best of 41’ 11”; right behind him was Dan McKim, with a throw of 41’ 9-3/4”, and Sean Betz was in third with 39’ 8”.
In the 56-lb. weight for distance, Sean Betz snatched the win from Ryan Vierra on his last attempt with a distance of 43” 9-1/2”, with Vierra landing in second place at 43’ 7-1/2” and Larry Brock in third at 42’ 9”.

The 16-lb. hammer was dominated by Mike Pockoski with an awesome distance of 138’ 1”; Betz came in second with 134’ 11”, and Dan McKim took third with 130’ 6”.

Moving to the 22-lb. hammer, the outcome was in the same order as the 16-lb., with Mike Pockoski showing great form with a winning distance of 114’ 3”.  Betz once again had to settle for second place at 113’ 11” and McKim followed in third at 111’ 3-1/2.”

In the weight over the bar, Dave Brown was the worthy winner with a winning height of 17’ 6”, with Sean Betz and Dan McKim both clearing 17’ and Betz taking the win on countback with fewer attempts.  However, I must add that McKim and Andrew Hobson were very impressive throughout this event using the traditional standing style as opposed to the spin technique that most were using and that gives them a huge advantage over the others.

In the last event of day one, the caber toss, Dan McKim thrilled the crowds with three 12 o’clock tosses; in second was Larry Brock and in third, Mike Pockoski.

Points after day one are as follows:

Sean Betz           16

Dan McKim         19

Mike Pockoski     19.5
Ryan Vierra         25

Larry Brock         26.5
Dave Brown        32

Rusty Price         36
Andrew Hobson  42

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