Neck Harness and Red-i-Belts

Feel better, look better, be better

A Headstrap Fit for Hercules™

headstrap-copy 2

Sleek, gorgeous, 1,500-lb. strong, and adjustable, ready to train the front, back and sides of your neck. Just 3 minutes of neck training 3 times a week will make you feel great—and might save your life.

Start easy, or you can end up with some very sore muscles, and use immaculate form--no jerky movements and always stay well within your natural range of motion. Use a moderate weight and keep your reps in something like the 10 to 15 range.

Adjusts to fit heads from 20" to 26", comfortable yet holds over one ton. The aluminum frame is designed for training the front, back and sides of your neck. Use the center slot on the blue aluminum frame to train the muscles on the front and back of your neck; use the round holes in the sides of the frame to train the muscles on the sides of your neck. Either hang the weight directly from the red webbing belt, or for added convenience, use a loading pin and carabiner.

Watch our YouTube video on the Headstrap Fit for Hercules.


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Red-i-Belt and Handy Handles

The Red-i-Belt has a multitude of uses, from rigging up systems for chins, flyers, and pull-ups, to stretching and doing weighted leg raises

A handy pair of super-strong, super-tough polycarb handles for lifting and pulling

Add a polycarb handle to the Red-i-Belt and maximize their uses, from rigging up systems for pull-ups, pulling, dragging, and lifting