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Olympic-style Weightlifting and Weight Training

Pyrros Dimas, Naim Suleymanoglu, Hossein Rezazadeh, Ivan Abadjiev: the biggest names in Olympic-style weightlifting are the guys IronMind has been rubbing elbows with for over 15 years, and that’s why when we talk about weightlifting—whether it’s how to do a power clean correctly or what the Bulgarian weightlifters really do in training—you are getting it straight from the horse’s mouth.  IronMind publishes MILO, the only iron game publication that was credentialed for weightlifting at the last three Olympics.  And through its landmark training hall videos, IronMind introduced the concept of the no-no-no squat and turned Ivan Chakarov and Stefan Botev into household names in the U.S. weightlifting community.   The president of IronMind, Randall Strossen, Ph.D., has covered weightlifting at the last 14 World Weightlifting Championships and 13 European Weightlifting Championships, and the last three Olympic Games.  Throw in his coverage of weightlifting at the last two Asian Games, weightlifting at the 1990 Goodwill Games, and the last three Asian Weightlifting Championships, and you know why IronMind stands apart in the field.  The sign on our door reads Weightlifting Spoken Here.


Here it is, the classic 20-rep squat routine in all its glory—this book tells you everything you need to know and do to gain size and strength at a record pace with the grand-daddy of all bulk and power routines. 

The lessons in Winning Ways are real and powerful and will help you develop that essential mental edge to become the winner you’ve always wanted to be. Compiling the final 85 original “ IronMind” columns in IRONMAN magazine, this book provides you with fresh, dramatic new approaches to how you think and what you do. 

John McCallum offers you top-quality head-to-toe training advice, from bulking up to trimming down, in a great-to-read format in this complete collection of the classic articles that made him a strength icon. 

Anderson was a leader so far beyond the norm that it is dazzling to consider his stature. This brilliant book is rightfully called the biography of Paul Anderson, worthy of the remarkable man who is considered by many to be the strongest man in history. 

Boost your confidence, overcome fear, eliminate performance limits; learn how to get the most from your training. Compiling the first five years of Randall Strossen’s “IronMind” column, from IRONMAN magazine, this book gives you the insights you need to harness the power of your mind for better gains both inside the gym and out. 

By several-time U.S. Olympic Team coach Jim Schmitz, these provide the perfect introduction to Olympic-style weightlifting.  The manual lays out the basics, along with the workouts needed to take you from a raw beginner to an intermediate level of lifting, and the companion tape is the next best thing to having attended a clinic at the celebrated Sports Palace. 

Thicker than our local phone book, this 576-page treatment of weightlifting is probably the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject. 

This book has become a classic treatment of the clean and jerk, and it is loaded with valuable information and tips that will help the lifter and coach alike in mastering the clean and jerk. 


Your A-to-Z guide to building a high level of conditioning and endurance, this well-written, well-organized handbook presents everything you need to put together effective programs, including myriad sample workouts and routines. 

Ken Patera was so strong that even strong guys, and guys used to seeing strong guys, were amazed . . . whether he was ripping a parking meter out of the sidewalk, shrugging a York bar so violently that he bent it, or just pressing more than 500 pounds overhead, Ken Patera was S-T-R-O-N-G. 

Wish You Were There Videos™: Training Hall Tapes and DVDs
A great sample of some of the best in the world hitting the gym shortly before they competed in the 2001 World Weightlifting Championships, featuring Jaber, Marc Huster, and Shahin Nassirinia. 

See firsthand the training methodology that Ivane Grikurovi has used to build gold-medal winning lifters; we went to Poland one month before the 2001 World Weightlifting Championships and watched Szymon Kolecki and Georgi Asanidze train under the master.
See a 200-kg snatch in the training hall and watch Anatoli Khrapati tuning up for what might be his last Worlds. Action packed. 


Check out Georgi Gardev and Szymon Kolecki training, among others. 


Watch Sevinc (85 kg) front squatting 280 kg and Arranda (77 kg) back squatting 290 kg for a double in this inspirational video of the world’s top lifters going through their final preparations before competing in the Worlds. 

1998 Bulgarian Training Hall Video
Here it is, straight from Sofia, the top dogs in the weightlifting world going through their final paces prior to leaving for the 1998 World Weightlifting Champions.  What you see will stagger your imagination—here’s a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of their world.

1998 European Weightlifting Championships Training Hall DVD

See many of the top Bulgarians in action, along with a very rare opportunity to watch Russian star Andrei Chemerkin train.

1997 World Weightlifting Championships Training Hall DVD
You’ll see some stunning lifting: watch Pablo Lara front squat 230, Dursun Sevinc front squat 260, Sunay Bulut work up to 170/210, and Andrei Cofalik work up to 170/200.   You’l l also see what some of the world’s top lifters do the morning of the competition day—they train, honest, and you’ll see exactly how.
1995 World Weightlifting Championships Training Hall DVDs (two parts)
After watching this tape of Botev, Chakarov, Yotov, Suleymanoglu, Leonidis, Lara, Huster, Nerlinger, and Weller in Guanzhou, you’ll want to train like a madman.
1994 World Weightlifting Championships Training Hall DVDs
A dozen and a half of the world’s top lifters taped during their final training sessions before the big one, including Halil Mutlu, Suleymanoglu, Chemerkin, and Kurlovich.
1993 World Weightlifting Championships Training Hall DVD
This is the one-and-only original video that introduced the whole concept of training hall tapes and put them on the map.  Watch Dimas, Suleymanoglu, Weller, Kakiachvili, Tournefier, and Nerlinger, among others, and see Ivan Chakarov do a “no-no-no” squat with 270 kg for a triple.


Competition DVDs

2002 World Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
Want to see Hossein Rezazadeh snatch 210 kg with ease?  How about his 263-kg clean and jerk?  And we guarantee you that when Zlaten Vanev comes out of eighth place in the 85-kg class to take home all the marbles, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.
2001 World Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
Start with a world record snatch by Halil Mutlu and end with Saeed Jaber sweeping the golds in the supers with 210/263.

2000 European Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
There was some sizzling lifting in Sofia prior to the Sydney Olympics, with everyone from Mutlu to Danielyan strutting his stuff; Vanev or Kolecki fans must have this tape, and if you don’t know the name Asanidze, this tape will make you a believer.

1999 World Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD and Super Sunday DVD
What a Worlds! Top lifts from all classes are featured and what you see will blow your mind, with 77-kg Zlaten Vanev cleaning 212.5 kg, twice. Dimas appears to have locked up the 85s, but there’s one attempt left and Nassirinia calls for the winning 215 kg. The Super Sunday DVD has full coverage of the super heavyweight A session, so if you want to see it all, from Weller bombing out to Chemerkin winning it all on his final clean and jerk, here it is.
1999 European Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
Riveting performances by new kids was the name of the game at the 1999 Europeans. See a ferocious dogfight in the 69s and 77s, Huster pushed to the limit by the young Gardev in the 85s, and 17-year-old Szymon Kolecki defeating two-time Olympic gold medalist Akakios Kakiashvilis in the 94s.
1998 World Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
The 1998 Worlds was the beginning of the countdown to the Sydney Olympics—don’t miss the close battles, world records, and do-or-die lifts. And yes, the Greek team was there in force, locking horns with the mighty Bulgarians for the team title.
1998 European Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
Intense, world-standard lifting from one superb contest.  You’ll see the Bulgarians back in top form, the Germans rolling out their ever-improving stars, and two titans of the weightlifting world—Ronny Weller and Andrei Chemerkin—locked in an epic battle.
1997 World Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
See Wenhua Cui’s near miss with a world record attempt 200.5-kg snatch, and Chemerkin’s mind-boggling 262.5-kg clean and jerk, not to mention the clutch clean and jerk Wes Barnett made to end the USA medal drought.

1997 European Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
See the Turkish team hit the platform running; Huster and Gotfried go after their respective world records in the clean and jerk; the latest crop of Bulgarians, and much more.

1996 European Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
One of the major tune-up meets coming into the 1996 Olympics, see what many of the world’s premier lifters looked like several months before Atlanta.  Here’s your chance to see Leonid Taranenko in his last meet.

1995 World Weightlifting Championships Competition DVD
Performance here determined the number of 1996 Olympic weightlifting berths awarded to each country, so everyone came out of the woodwork to score team points—see the top lifts in each class.

Best of Cellar Dwellers: Vintage Strength Training by Steve Jeck
Highlights DVD of the first 20 episodes of "Cellar Dwellers," the cable access weight training show that Steve Jeck and Chris Kennedy produced from 1996–1998. You'll get 20-rep squats (of course), all the major lifts, odd lifts, stone lifts, some Highland implements—even a truck pull. Train alongside the master philosopher of stones and strength in real workouts for real people living in the real world.


Articles in MILO:  A Journal for Serious Strength Athletes

If you’re not familiar with our quarterly strength journal MILO
, let us introduce you to this publication non pareil, unmatched in the quality and scope of its articles and photos on people, training, contests, and history covering Olympic-style weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, Highland Games, arm wrestling, grip, and other strength sports. If you like strength, you’ll love MILO.

Weightlifting Contests 
“The Winds of Change Blow Through Weightlifting” by Lyn Jones (Vol. 1, No. 1)
Read all about the rule changes in weightlifting and the impact they will have on future competitions.
“18th Junior European Championships” (Vol. 1, No. 1)
Results from the 1992 Junior European Championships.

“Tornado in Bulgaria: 1993 European Weightlifting Championships” by Lyn Jones (Vol. 1, No. 2)
The first major competition after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the 1993 European Championships showed the world what the future of weightlifting would bring.
“Contest Report: United States Weightlifting Federation 1993 National Championships” by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. (Vol. 1, No. 2)
Check out the contest report, results, and photos from the USWF 1993 National Championships.
“Czechmates in Cheb: 1993 Junior World Weightlifitng Championships” by Jim Schmitz (Vol. 1, No. 2)
Read all about the lifting at this fantastic Junior World Championships, featuring Halil Mutlu, Sevdalin Minchev, Viacheslav Osipov, and Viacheslav Kanutkin.
“First Texas, Then the Worlds: 1993 U.S. Olympic Festival Weightlifting Competition” by Jim Schmitz (Vol. 1, No. 3)
Read about the competition that determined which American weightlifters would attend the 1993 World Weightlifting Championships in Australia.

“Up and Overhead Down Under: 1993 World Weightlifting Championships” by Lyn Jones (Vol. 1, No. 4)
The 1993 World Weightlifting Championships saw incredible lifting from Chemerkin, Taranenko, and Chakarov, and the Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Turkish teams.


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